is the webpage of the weekly Monitor, with focus on business and economic news in Albania. The magazine is a publication of Media Union LLC, which was founded in 2000 and is wholly owned by the company Union Group LLC. The businessmen Edmond and Niko Leka own 70% of the shares of Union Group LLC, while 30% are owned by their business partners, Varuzhan Piranjani, Eduard Shima and Gjergji Misha. The magazine Monitor is in its 15th year of publication and offers in depth analysis, opinion and statistics on economic issues. Its online publication was rebranded recently and apart from its own articles also offers economic coverage of the region and the world, lifestyle and sports. The archive of the magazine, apart from the current issue, can be accessed through a paywall.

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The webpage is a publication of Media Union LLC. The sole owner of Media Union is the company Union Group LLC – 70% of the shares of Union Group LLC are owned by the brothers Edmond and Niko Leka, 10% of the shares are owned by Varuzhan Piranjani, 10% by Eduard Shima and 10% by Gjergj Misha.

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Varuzhan Piranjani

Varuzhan Piranjani is a construction enterpreneur. He is a shareholder of the companies „Union Group“, „Union Net“ and „Union Financiar Tirane“ founded by Leka’s brothers.

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Edmond Leka – started his career as an engineer in the Albania Power Corporation, before moving to the private sector in 1997 in order to help his brother Niko Leka to expand Western Union in the country. Today, the Leka brothers own a string of companies, with Union Bank considered as the crown jewel. In 2000 Edmond Leka entered the media market by launching the economic weekly ‘Monitor.’ The two brothers bought 20% of the pay-per-view platform DigitAlb in December 2005, through their company Union Distribucion Servis Albania LLC. In January 2016, Union Distribucion Servis Albania LLC sold 10% of the shares to Union Group Sh.p.k. where 70% of the shares are owned by the Leka brothers.

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Gent Joca – was appointed as CEO of Media Union LLC in February 2015, replacing in this post the businessman Edmond Leka. Earlier he has worked for the company Press Point Albania.

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Ornela Liperi – is a well-known business journalist. She holds the position of editor in chief of the magazine Monitor for more than a decade.


Njesia Bashkiake nr.5, Rruga "Sulejman Delvina",

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