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Leka Brothers

Leka Brothers

The brothers Edmond and Niko Leka are businessmen and founders of the weekly magazine ‘Monitor’. Edmond Leka started his career as an engineer in Kesh, the Albanian Power Corporation, before moving to the private sector in 1997 in order to help his brother, Niko Leka, expand Western Union in the country. Today, the Leka brothers own a string of companies, with Union Bank considered as the crown jewel. In 2000 Edmond Leka entered the media market by launching the economic weekly ‘Monitor.’ The two brothers bought 20% of the pay-per-view platform DigitAlb in December 2005, through their company Union Distribucion Servis Albania LLC. In January 2016, Union Distribucion Servis Albania LLC sold 10% of the shares to Union Group Sh.p.k. where Leka Brothers control 70% of the shares.

Media Companies / Groups
Media Outlets


Postal Service

Albanian Courier (100%)


Auto Master (100%)


S-Systems (100%)


Uni-Com (100%)


Uni Cons (100%)


Union Travel Co (85%)

Real estate

Arch Investor (85 %)

Financial Services

Union Financiar Tirane (70%)


Union Bank (89,88% from which 86.35% through Unioni Financiar Tirane)

Family & Friends

Affiliated Interests Family Members Friends

Varuzhan Piranjani ¬– is a construction entrepreneur and business partner of Leka Brothers. He is a shareholder of the companies ‘Union Grup’, ‘Union Net’ and ‘Union Financiar Tirane’ founded by Leka’s brothers.

Further Information

Data Publicly Available

ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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Meta Data

The ownership structure and financial statements of Union Grup LLC and Media Union LLC are publicly available on the Albanian National Business Registry. The financial data provided are for 2016. The Central Bank's average exchange rate for 2016 was used to convert the amounts into USD. See sources for more.

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