Besnik Dabulla

Together with his brother Alban Dabulla he is the owner of the daily newspaper ‘Dita.’ However, Besnik Dabulla has fewer businesses than his brother Alban Dabulla. Apart from the 40% of shares in the company ‘Publikime Shqiptare’ LLC, he owns a fast-food restaurant. Other companies in trade, services and advertising where he had shares have been suspended. He has been accused by former Prime Minister Sali Berisha of ties to organized crime, allegations that he has brushed off as politically motivated. As his brother, he has maintained a low profile in public. In January 2011 he was arrested and later convicted to 6 months 20 days in jail for illegal possession of fire arms.

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Arta Dade – Dabulla’s mother, was a member of the Albanian Parliament, as an MP of the Socialist Party since 1997. During her political career she served during socialist governments as Minister of Culture and Minister of Foreign Affairs, being the first woman to be appointed as a Foreign minister. She was also the Chairwoman of the Committee on Foreign Policy.

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