Agim Çiraku and Son

Agim Çiraku and Son

Agim Ciraku is the founder and publisher of the daily newspaper Telegraf, although officially the company is registered under his son’s name. Klaus Ciraku, the son of Agim Ciraku is listed as the sole owner of the company Hekla LLC, which publishes the daily newspaper Telegraf. Klaus Ciraku also owns 80% of the trade company Daroli LLC. Klaus Ciraku obtained the shares at Hekla LLC as a gift from Luan Veshaj in 2013, who in turn had received the shares as a gift in 2003 from Agim Ciraku. The older Ciraku is identified in the online page of the newspaper as the publisher, which suggests that he still has significant influence in the company.

Agim Çiraku does not own other businesses. Earlier he was 50% owner of the construction company Albit Diabra LLC, he transferred all his shares to his nephew in 2015. Agim Ciraku was elected member of the Council of the Municipality of Durres on behalf of the ruling Socialist Party and backed during the last local elections, the reelection of three-time Socialist mayor Vangjush Dako. Ciraku heads the Albanian Swimming Federation.

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Hekla LLC (100%)


DAROLI (80%)

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Reald Çiraku – the nephew of Agim Çiraku received the latter as a gift 50% of the shares of a construction company ALBIT DIABRA LLC.

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