The daily newspaper Telegraf has been published since 2005. The newspaper publishes several supplements. The newspaper does not have a clear editorial line or affinity with any specific political group or ideology. Like many other newspapers, Telegraf publishes lists and public announcement to boost readership.

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Hekla LLC


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The daily newspaper Telegraf is part of the company Hekla LLC, which is owned by Klaus Ciraku. In the online version of the newspaper the founder is identified as Agim Ciraku, while in the print front page Klaus Ciraku, the son of Agim Ciraku, is identified as the founder of the outlet.

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Agim Çiraku - The daily newspaper Telegraf was founded as part of the construction company Hekla LLC on 28 November 2005. In the newspaper its publisher is first named as Agim Çiraku. However, according to the data of the Albanian National Business Register, Ciraku gave away the company in 2003 to Luan Veshaj. In 2013 Veshaj transferred 100% of the shares of the company to Klaus Ciraku, the son of Agim Ciraku and has owned the company since then. However, the documents uploaded in the National Business Center aren’t always crystal clear on the ownership of the company.

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Engjëll Musai – the director of the newspaper since its founding is Engjell Musai. Musai also writes the newspaper’s editorials. He has been a print journalist for many years. Musai has only one business previously registered with Ciraku, which has long gone bankrupt and closed.

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Engjëll Musai – also is the Editor in Chief of the Newspaper


Rr. Abdyl Frasheri, P. Hekla Center, K. 2, Tirana

Tel: +355 42 257199



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