Radio IN

Radio IN broadcasts music and shows targeted at the younger demographic. Apart from music, the radio station broadcasts a morning show, a sports show, news and shows that are broadcasted both on IN TV and Radio IN.

IN Media, which includes the radio station Radio IN, the TV Station IN TV and the online is the newest cross platform media group in Albania which targets youth as a demographic, where they claim to having the highest share among other media.

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free content

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ownership data is not publicly available, company/channel denies the release of information or does not respond, no public record exists

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Media Companies / Groups

Media Group IN LLC


Ownership Structure

Media Group IN owns all the shares at Radio IN. However, no public information is available as to the final owners of Media Group IN as the companies are registered offshore, in Cyprus.

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Only the shareholder has voting rights.

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Affiliated Interests Founder

Stavros Aidinis – a businessman from Greece, bought the shares of Tok Media, a comapny which owned the radio Kiss FM. Immediately after, Tok Media, under the ownership of Aidinis, founded radio Mad, in line with a Greek Media and in 2016 this company changed its name to Radio IN.

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Genc Shkodra – is the CEO of Media Group IN, which controls the shares of Tok Media, IN Events and 90% of shares of Extra Channel. Shkodra is the CEO in the three companies. He has previously served for more than 10 years as the CEO of Top Albania Radio and for a 2-year period as a CEO of the Video Graphic Agency (VGA), which was also a part of Top Media Group. Since 2013 he’s been managing the companies that own Radio IN and TV IN.

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Karolina Risto – is the head of News Department at IN TV which is transmitted also through In Radio. Risto has been a journalist for a long time now and has worked before as editor at Gazeta Shqiptare and editor in chief at Vizion Plus.


Rr. Dhaskal Tod’hri, Nr. 26, Kashar, Tirana, Albania

Tel: +355 42419099



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0.22 Mio. $ / 28.6 Mio. Lek

Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

0.01 Mio. $ / 1.3 Mio. Lek

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