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Vizion Plus started broadcasting in 1999. One of the most followed programs on Vizion Plus is the satirical show "Al Pazar." Vizion Plus has also aired several reality shows, the most well-known of which was "Dancing with the Stars Albania," the rights of which were acquired by Top-Channel in 2022. The TV channel also broadcasts soap-operas  and hosts various political and economic debate TV shows.

On the official website of Vizion Plus, the company is portrayed as an independent media outlet that advocates for free speech. However, the alignment of the holding company's interests with the government has raised concerns about bias. The companies owned by the Dulaku brothers recently obtained concession rights to the Port of Limion in Saranda, partnering with the Kastrati Group. The concession was granted in July 2020, the company also got public properties on the coast with a symbolic rent of 1 euro and the status of strategic investor in other coastal projects. This association has led to allegations of media bias in favor of the current government.

The Democratic Party has accused the government of acting illegally by granting the concession for the Saranda port. Following a report by Artur Meçollari, a former Deputy Commander of the Naval Force, the properties leased by Concord Investment and Kastrati Group, previously held by the Armed Forces, were placed under sequestration by the Special Anti-Corruption Structure (SPAK).

Due to their involvement in the construction business, the founders of Vizion Plus have been perceived as having close ties to the mayors of Tirana. In 2016, they faced accusations of censoring an investigative show that exposed abuses by the city's mayor regarding waste management. Throughout all these instances, the company has consistently denied the accusations and refuted them as baseless.

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Media Vizion


Ownership Structure

Vizion Plus is under the ownership of the company Media Vizion, which since 2012 is owned by the three Dulaku brothers, each of whom has 33 % of shares in the company.

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The three brothers have equal shares and voting rights in the company.

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Artan Dulaku, Genci Dulaku and Agim Buxheli

Genci and Artan Dulaku, along with their brother Adrian Dulaku, are the co-founders and equal owners of the company Media Vizion, which holds ownership of Vizion Plus. The Dulaku brothers initially ventured into the media industry in the late 90s, establishing a television network known as Gjeli Vizion. In the year 2000, in collaboration with Agim Buxheli, they officially registered Media Vizion as the parent company of the television network. However, Buxheli eventually departed from the company, and the television network was divided. The Dulaku brothers retained ownership of Media Vizion and continued television broadcasts under the new name, Vizion Plus.
Subsequently, after Buxheli's departure, Adrian Dulaku joined his brothers, making them a trio in their business endeavors. The three brothers are also co-shareholders in various enterprises, primarily involved in construction, port development, satellite broadcasting, internet and telephone distribution, shopping centers, and other ventures. Additionally, their spouses were the founders and original owners of the digital and satellite TV platform known as Tring. In 2016, they sold 80 percent of the platform, but two years later, the sale was revoked, and the shares were reclaimed from Sotiraq Tosh. Eventually, in 2022, the entire company was sold to Concord Investment, jointly owned by the three brothers (with Artan Dulaku holding 1 percent more shares than the others). The family also has interests in other media-related businesses.

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Genci Dulaku

has been the CEO of the company since the beginning of 2001. From 2008 to 2012, when a majority of the company's shares were acquired by OST Holding GmbH, Spot AG, and later Media Holdings Beteiligungs AG, Dulaku served as co-administrator alongside Gerond Mesareja.

In addition to his role as the CEO of Media Vizon, Genci Dulaku is also a co-shareholder in the company with his brothers. Furthermore, he holds shares in several other construction, telecommunication, and related businesses, often in partnership with his brothers or other family members.

Dulaku faced accusations of halting the broadcast of the investigative show 'Publicus' on Vizion Plus due to its critical stance towards Tirana's mayor, Erjon Veliaj. He vehemently denied any insinuations that the show was banned because of its content being critical of the mayor.

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Arban Hasani

the managing editor of Vizion Plus. He has held this position for nearly a decade with a break between 2010 and 2012, when his departure was perceived as an attempt by the right-wing government of former Prime Minister Sali Berisha to exert pressure on the company. Hasani is an editor with more than two and half decades of experience in print and television.

Affiliated Interests other important people

Holta Dulaku

the wife of Artan Dulaku, is also a member of the Supervisory Boards of Tring TV and Media Vizion, as well as producer of several TV Shows.


Media Vizion sh.a./ Vizion Plus

Adresa: Rruga Don Bosco, Nr.5, Tirana, Albania

Tel.: +355 4 240 4229

Fax.: +355 4 240 4240


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3.85 Mln. $/ 436 Mln..Lek

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0.05 Mln. $/ 6 Mln..Lek

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The ownership structure and financial statement are publicly available on the Albanian National Business Registry. The financial data provided are for 2022. The Central Bank's average exchange rate for 2022 was used to convert the amounts into USD. Audience share for Top TV stations was provided by Idra Media, for the period of 8 May 2022 to 8 May 2023. See sources for more.

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