is the website of Klan television. The website publishes the latest news on Albania produced by the newsrooms of TV Klan and Klan News, as well as TV Klan and Klan Plus TV programs, videos, frequencies, a TV guide and archive materials. The website has sections on the main current and past TV Klan and Klan Plus TV shows, including Opinion, E Diela Shqiptare, Stop, Rudina, Në kurthin të Piter Pan, Zemër Luana, Klanifornia, Aldo Morning Show, Shije Shtëpie, Jo vetëm modë, Histori shqiptare, Pro Business, Uniko, Diagnozë, Dance Albania, Check In, and others.

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Aleksander Frangaj

a former journalist and media entrepreneur, who during the last years has expanded his business also in the field of construction and real estate. He is a co-founder of the daily newspaper Koha Jone, the first independent newspapers published after the fall of communism in Albania. In 1997 Frangaj founded a company Media 6 with two other businessmen, Julien Roche and Marsel Skendo.

Frangaj owned 50% of the company, while his two partners owned 25% each. Media 6 published the weekly magazine Klan and launched the television station with the same name. In 2013, the name of the company was changed from Media 6 to TV Klan. To date, Frangaj owns 60%, while his wife Alba Gina owns 40% at TV Klan. Over the years, Frangaj was involved in the establishment or acquisition of several other television stations in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia, such as Klan Kosova, ABC News or Klan Macedonia, as well as initiating the paid platforms Satellite + in 2004 and Supersport in 2006, through shares owned by his wife. Today, his media group consists of TV Klan, Klan News, Klan Plus and Klan Macedonia as well as Radio Klan, while Gina owns 8% of the shares in the pay per view platform Digit-Alb.

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Eglantina Lamaj

the CEO of TV Klan JSC since March 2021. She has been working for two decades at TV Klan, first as assistant and HR officer and then as a member of the Supervisory Board.

Affiliated Interests other important people

Eduard Frangaj

a journalist and the director of the News Department in TV Klan. He is also the brother of the owner of TV Klan. Frangaj has previously worked as an adviser for the former Environment Minister, Fatmir Mediu (2012), and Media Assistant for the President Bujar Nishani (2016).


National Television Klan, Rruga: “AleksanderMoisiu”, nr.97, PranëIsh – Kinostudio, 1007, Tirana, Albania.

Tel: +355 42 347 821/2/3


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