began its reporting in 2015 as a website affiliated with the opposition and the Democratic Party. claims to be the largest news agency in Albania. The website has a dedicated section for news from Kosovo and a section for news in the English language. The domain "" was registered under the Center for Open Information, the NGO founded by Çlirim Peka.

The company that owns the website and the NGO Center for Open Information, as the owner of the company, have individuals closely connected to the Democratic Party group led by former Prime Minister Sali Berisha in their leadership. The company's administrator and one of the members of the NGO's board have been elected members of the National Council of the Democratic Party led by Berisha.

The online platform "" has a dedicated space for television broadcasts, which comprise a significant portion of its original content. 

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Center for Open Information


Ownership Structure is owned by the company 3 DS & AF Entertainment, whose shares are owned by the non-profit organization Center for Open Information, founded by Çlirim Peka

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The Center for Open Information, a Non-Governmental Organization founded by journalist Çlirim Peka, known as Çim Peka, holds all the shares

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Çlirim Peka

known as the founder and director of the online platform "" The website was registered as a domain early on, but only started serving as a news agency in the Albanian language in 2015. The domain "" was registered under the name of the organization named Center for Open Information as early as 2015, with Elvis Sadikaj listed as the registrant, who works as the Technical Director at and Syri Tv.
In 2017, Peka officially registered the Center for Open Information, according to a publicly available document, and also publicly announced its governing board.
The board of the NGO includes several well-known journalists, including Andi Bejtja, who is also the Information Director at Syri Tv. In addition to Bejtja, the board includes renowned journalists Lutfi Dervishi, Sokol Shameti, Klodian Tomorri, and the editor-in-chief of Rilindja Demokratike, the official organ of the Democratic Party, Bledi Kasmi. Additionally, Artan Hoxha, an economics professor and shareholder of Tirana Business University, is on the board, along with being a media analyst. Hoxha served as a minister in the first government of the Democratic Party in 1992-1993 and ran for the position of President from this party in 2012, a candidacy that was later withdrawn. The board also includes the jurists Brikena Kasmi, former Deputy Minister of Justice in the Democratic Party government from 2010 to 2013, and Armela Kromiçi, a lecturer at the University of Tirana.
Founder Çlirim Peka (Çim Peka), who previously directed UTV television owned by former PD deputy Astrit Veliaj, is known for his positions in support of former Prime Minister Sali Berisha and former President Ilir Meta. No other businesses or companies are registered under the name Çlirim Peka.

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Gazmir Spahija

the administrator of the company 3 DS & AF Entertainment, which also owns Syri FM radio since October 2019. Spahija has had a career as a high-level official in the right-wing government of former Prime Minister Sali Berisha. According to his LinkedIn profile, he worked in the General Directorate of Customs until 2010 and from then until 2013, he was the General Director of Taxes, one of the most important functions at that level of governance. Spahija resigned in 2013 with the arrival of the Socialist Party in power.
Spahija became engaged in private activities and directly or indirectly owns several companies, mainly related to solar energy production and financial consulting. According to data from the National Registration Center, three companies are still active, while four are suspended.
He did not completely detach from politics; he is a member of the National Council of the Democratic Party, a group led by Sali Berisha. After the violent clash between supporters of Lulzim Basha and Sali Berisha on January 8, 2022, over the Democratic Party headquarters, Spahija was accused by the faction led by Basha of being part of a group of mercenaries used to attack the democrats.
In a written response, Spahija denied the use of violence and insisted that he had been a prominent member of the Democratic Party for years, including a leadership role in electoral campaigns.
In opposition media, Spahija has been rumored to be close to Shkëlzen Berisha, the son of former Prime Minister Berisha.

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Enton Palushi

A journalist and editor in chief with several years of experience. He has worked as an editor-in-chief for a significant period at "Gazeta Tema" and later on its online platform, as well as other media outlets. For some years now, he has been working as an editor-in-chief for ""


Rruga ''Veli Dedi'', Ndërtesa Nr.9, Kashar, Mëzez, Tiranë,

Tel: + 355692090076

E-mail:, info@syri.met


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The data for the domain registration of were obtained by website, domaintools and The ownership structure and financial balances are publicly available at the National Business Center in Albania. The secured financial data pertains to the year 2022. To convert the amounts into dollars, the average exchange rate of the Central Bank for the year 2022 was used. The financial statement is not separated for the three media units, television, radio, and the online platform, but is presented as the balance sheet of the 3 DS & AF Entertainment company.

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