started the publication online in 2011. The website was thought to be a helping site for the printed version, and in the beginning, they published the newspaper materials a day after they were printed, but as soon as the print crisis of selling copies was clear, the web became the main media in the group. The newspaper closed in November 2019. The website also serves to republish videos produced by Report TV. In the beginning part of the staff was recruited from media previously ran by Carlo Bollino – Gazeta Shqiptare, and News 24.

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free content

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FFM Group


Ownership Structure

The website ‘’ is part of the company “’ LLC which is owned by the Free and Fair Media Group, which controls 99.53% of the shares and journalist Anila Basha with 0.47% of the shares. Free and Fair Media Group’s majority shareholder is Alba Maltezi (80%).

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Voting rights are the same as shareholders rights.

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Eva Doçi

Eva Doçi owns 19.9% of through the company Free and Fair Media Group, where she owns 20% of the shares.

Media Companies / Groups

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FFM Group (Alba Malltezi), Anila Basha

After the Italian company Edisud LLC sold its shares in the television News 24 and the daily newspaper Gazeta Shqiptare in 2011, its former executives, Italian journalist Carlo Bollino, his wife Alba Malltezi and former editor in chief of Gazeta Shqiptare Anila Basha – together with a group of journalists from the above-mentioned media, founded the daily newspaper and also the website with the same name. The daily newspaper closed in November 2019, however the website continued.
The online page has as shareholders FFM Group with 99.53% of shares and Anila Basha with 0.47% of shares. Alba Malltezi owns 80 % of shares in FFM Group.

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Vilma Theodhos

is a former marketing director at Edisud LLC, the Italian company which established the daily Gazeta Shqiptare in 1993. Apart from running, she is also the CEO of MTSC LLC, the company of Çarlo Bollino that owns Report TV.

Affiliated Interests other important people

Carlo Bollino

Although he is not listed as owner or CEO of the company, Carlo Bollino, a former journalist at the Italian news agency ANSA, is considered as the key figure behind and the company Free and Fair Media or FFM Group where his spouse holds 80% of the shares. He also owns Report TV- where he has 100 % of shares. Although Bollino is perceived as close to the government and Socialist Prime Minister Edi Rama, he has rejected such accusations as politically motivated and has affirmed his independence. The opposition has also accused Carlo Bollino of benefiting from an NGO project, which turned Albania’s Cold War era bunkers into museums a building and with subsidized rent for his TV station Report TV. Bollino has denied any wrongdoing. In 2021, Bollino had a public fallout with former business partner and colleague Anila Basha.


Rruga "Ndre Mjeda", ''Ish - Ndërmarrja Metalike Tirana'', (Reparti i Orëve)- Tiranë, Shqipëri


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0.197 Mln. $/ 22.6 Mln. lek

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0.03 Mln. $/ 3.5 Mln. lek

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The structure of ownership and the financial statements are published in the Albanian National Business Register. The Central Bank's average exchange rate for 2022, (107.05 lek for 1 USD) was used to convert the amounts into USD.

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