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Media ownership in Albania is a family affair and the market is heavily concentrated in the hands of a few powerful families. In the television market the two biggest owners - the Frangaj and Hoxha families - control almost two thirds of the audience share with more than half of the market share. The four biggest owners in the free-on-air commercial market are: Frangaj Family with Klan Media, Hoxha Family with Top Media, Dulaku Family with Media Vizion and the Hysenbelliu with News 24 TV. The Hysenbelliu Family is also the biggest player in print media with his Panorama Group and Focus Group, which publish Albania’s biggest daily newspaper by readership and revenues, the daily newspapers Panorama, Panorama Sport and Gazeta Shqiptare and the popular news portal Balkanweb.com. Family ownership is present also in other media groups. The Leka Brothers own the economic weekly Monitor, the Ulaj brothers the CNN affiliate, A2 CNN, the Dabulla Brothers the daily newspaper ‘Dita’, while husband and wife, Carlo Bollino and Alba Malltezi control the website Shqiptarja.com and the 24 hour news television station Report TV.

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