Zhuljeta Lamaj

Zhuljeta Lamaj is the widow of Vajdin Lamaj and heir – together with her three kids – to the companies founded by her late husband. She entered the business world in 2000, as director or shareholder of companies, which were believed to have been founded by her husband. On May 16, 2000, Zhuljeta Lamaj appears in the documents of the Albanian National Business Register with 40% of shares of Top Albania sha, although publically her husband was known as the shareholder. In 2001 she became 100% shareholder in restaurant ‘Juvenilja’, one the main properties of the family in Tirana.

After the bomb attack that resulted in Vajdin Lamaj’s death on 28 February 2005, Zhuljeta and her three children inherited other companies registered under her husband’s name, including the clothes production company ‘Albines,’ the printing company Alb-tipografia and the transportation company Tirana Trans and Lamaj Trans. On 20 January 2000, Zhuljeta Lamaj sold 20% of Top Albania sha to Zyhra Hamiti, the mother of Dritan Hoxha, for € 750,000, reducing her stake in the radio station to 20%.

Since 2011 Zhulejta Lamaj has extended her business activities to the United Kingdom, where according to ‘Company House’ she heads the company L’Aqua Virgine” Limited, while earlier has led the companies Acton HCW LTD and Elite Car Wash Limited.

Media Outlets


Services (Restaurants)

Juvenilja (100%)

Clothes production

Albines (100%)

Services (Transport)

Lamaj Trans (100%)

Publishing house

Alb-Tipografia (100%)


L’aqua Virgine LTD (75%)

Family & Friends

Affiliated Interests Family Members Friends

Vajdin Lamaj – Zhuljeta Lamaj’s late husband, the founder of all the businesses she and her children inherited. He died tragically in a bomb attack on 28 February 2005.

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