Sofokli Duni

Sofokli Duni is the owner and CEO of the daily newspaper Standard. Duni has been the CEO of the newspaper since 2006 and now is the sole owner of the company Standard LTD LLC that publishes the Standard newspaper. He is a shareholder in the Himara Football club. He previously owned a restaurant in Himara, which now appears as a suspended business. He also has 50% of shares in the company Ionian Cost Property Development. He has lived for some years in Slovakia, where together with his brother was involved in the printing business. Sofokli is perceived as being close to the Democratic Party and has ran in the past as a candidate for the national council.

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Ionian Coast Property Development (50%)


Himara Football Club (24%)

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Gerti Duni – is the brother of Sofokli Duni, he is one of the founders of Standard Newspaper. In Albania he owns the company MF1, which is a service company, and also has businesses in Slovakia, where he also was involved in politics. He was a Member of Bratislava city council and the Financial Strategy Commission in 2006-2010.

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