Ndroqi Family

Ndroqi Family

Ylli Ndroqi and his wife Mimoza Ndroqi are the owners of radio and television Ora News and Channel One TV.

Ylli Ndroqi’s name appears for the first time in the National Business Registry records in 2003, through the company YLDON LLC, with paid capital of 20,000 Euro. In 2016, the company had revenues of 21 Mio. Lek (USD 163.691,00) and assets of 734 Mio. Lek (USD 5.72 Mio).

In December 2010, Ylli Ndroqi purchased 100% of the shares of Teknotrade LLC for 265.000 Euros. The company was renamed Channel One and now operates the local television station with the same name. Ndroqi sold the company to Astrit Sejdini for 26.5 Mio. Lek (USD 206.563,00) in 2011. In 2013, Ndroqi repurchased the company for the same amount. In 2016 Channel One declared revenues of 6.8 Mio. Lek (USD 53.004,00) and net losses of 7.2 Mio. Lek (USD 56.122,00).

During the last decade Ylli Ndroqi has established several companies with a small or no monetary circulation. Since 2012 Ylli Ndroqi has been serving as an honorary consul of the United States of Mexico in Albania.

In 2011 Ylli Ndroqi transferred 40% of shares in the television station to his wife Mimoza Ndroqi and 8% to his son Redon Ndroqi. In 2015 Redon returned the shares back to his father. The company is currently owned by Ylli Ndroqi (60%) and his wife Mimoza Ndroqi (40%). In 2016, Ora JSC declared total assets of 990 Mio. Lek (USD 7.72 Mio.) from which, shareholder capital is 126.5 Mio. Lek (USD 986.047,00). Revenues for 2016 stood at 187.8 Mio/ Lek (USD 1.46 Mio.) while net profits were 3.7 Mio. Lek (USD 28.840,00).

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Radio and Television Broadcasting

Ora News (100%)

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Channel One (100%)

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Yldon (100%)

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Yldon (100%)

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Redon Ndroqi – member of the Supervisory Board at Yldon Media Group, the son of Ylli Ndroqi, the owner of Yldon Media Group.

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The ownership structure and financial statement are publicly available on the Albanian National Business Registry. The financial data provided are for 2016. The Central Bank's average exchange rate for 2016 was used to convert the amounts into USD. Ora News replied to the MOM information request on 19 January 2017. See sources for more.

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