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Mero Baze

Mero Baze

Mero Baze is a journalist and media entrepreneur. He worked as a journalist in various media outlets, including Voice of America and Radio Free Europe since 1990s and opened his own newspaper in 1999. He is known for his daily editorials mostly on politics and for "Antena Brenda Familjes" (Antena within the Family), a satirical daily column. He directed a TV Show called Faktor Plus in Vizion Plus TV channel between 2008 and 2012.

He is known for being a supporter of former President and Prime Minister Sali Berisha up to 2008 when he transformed into a formidable critic of his rule. Baze faced government pressure on his business, threats and attacks due to his critiques on government dealings. His newspaper was evicted from a government owned building for which he signed a 20-year lease contract in 2009. Baze was violently beaten by Rezart Taçi, a controversial businessman, after reporting on the murky privatization of Albanian oil refinery ARMO and tax evasion. Baze pioneered online media in 1999 while Tema online became a reference point after 2009. Since 2014, he owns 20% of Tema TV, a news channel streamed online and in DigitAlb platform. Baze has also authored various non-fiction books.

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The ownership structure and financial statement are publicly available on the Albanian National Business Registry. The financial data provided are for 2016. The Central Bank's average exchange rate for 2016 was used to convert the amounts into USD. See sources for more. Mero Baze replied to the information request made by MOM team on 18 January 2018. Market share is calculated as company revenues in percent of total revenues of 12 print media companies. See sources for more.

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