Koço Kokëdhima

Koço Kokëdhima

Koço Kokedhima is a businessman, former MP and the founder of the daily newspaper ‘Shekulli’. Kokedhima has interests in various fields, including construction, trade, chemical industry etc. Mr. Kokëdhima was elected Member of the Parliament in 2013 on a Socialist Party ticket. His mandate was declared null and void by the Constitutional Court in 2016 because one of his companies, Abissnet, had benefited from state funds while he was an MP. The Constitution of Albania forbids companies owned by MPs to benefit from public funds. In 2017, Kokëdhima founded a new political movement called "Zgjidhja" (Solution).

Kokëdhima owns 62.84% of F.K Apollonia, a sports team based in Fieri, through 2K Group. The other shareholder is the Municipality of Fieri. His flagship company, 2K Group, managed to purchase majority shares of various public enterprises during the second wave of privatization between 1999-2003. He was accused repeatedly of using his newspaper as a pressure mechanism against various governments. Some of the companies privatized by this group are: ART EKSPORT IMPORT, Boja Tirana etc. In 1998, he founded Abissnet, one of the earliest internet service providers in Albania.

Media Companies / Groups
Media Outlets




Radio Broadcasting

Radio +2 (80%)

Television Broadcasting

TV Ballkan (65%)


PLANETI-X (100%)

Chemical Industry

Boja Tirana (90.92%)


Abissnet (100% through 2K Group)


Apollonia jsc (62.84% through 2K Group)

Agricultural equipments

ANTEL (35%)

Family & Friends

Affiliated Interests Family Members Friends

Brixhida Kokëdhima – is wife of Koço Kokëdhima and shareholder and/or administrator or former administrator of several companies. She owns 35% of 2k Group, and has served previously as administrator of UNIPRESS (Shekulli daily), ABISSNET, Boja Tirana etc, companies partially or fully owned by her husband.

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The ownership structure and financial statement are publicly available on the Albanian National Business Registry. The financial data provided are for 2016. The Central Bank's average exchange rate for 2016 was used to convert the amounts into USD.

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