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Top News is a 24-hour news TV station broadcasted by DigitAlb and belongs to the biggest media house in the country, Top Media. With its political and economic coverage, but also with a focus on developments in the region, Top News has gained popularity among Albanians who live in Kosovo and Macedonia. Despite its broadcasting in DigitAlb platform, Top News is not owned by Digit-Alb Incorporated. DigitAlb replied to the information request made by MOM team on 29 December 2017, stating that “the station is owned by Top Channel JSC”. There is no information on the founding of the Top News TV station, however, it has started broadcasting with the launch of DigitAlb in 2004.

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Top News is broadcasted by pay-per-view platform DigitAlb, the largest in the country and it is owned by Top Channel JSC. The station belongs to Top Media, the biggest media house in the country.

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Dritan Hoxha – is the founder of Digit-Alb Inc Company and owned 70% of the shares in 2004. Hoxha’s controversial business career started as a coffee importer; however, it was his investment in media that made him famous, often dubbed as a ‘pioneer of digital media’ in the region. In 1998 Hoxha founded Top Albania Radio and three years later Top Channel TV, which in a short period of time became the most popular television in Albania, due to his staff of famous journalists and cutting-edge technology. In 2004 Hoxha launched the pay-per-view platform DigitAlb, which strengthened further his media conglomerate, Top Media. Hoxha died on May 23, 2008 at age 40, in a deadly accident with his Ferrari 599. His funeral was attended by high state dignitaries, like than President Bamir Topi and current Prime Minister Edi Rama. However, Hoxha did not have a smooth relationship with all politicians. Before he passed away he had a deep conflict with former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, over satellite broadcasting licenses and a number of corruption scandals of the Democratic Party led government broadcast by Top Channel TV. These investigations created a perception that the broadcaster was close to than Tirana mayor and opposition leader Edi Rama, now the Prime Minister of Albania. However, during the last few months the TV station has transmitted a number of critical stories that target the Rama government, which for many observers signals a change in its editorial line for the first time in two decades.

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Vjollca Hoxha – after Dritan Hoxha's death, his widow Vjollca and their four children, Lorela, Sara, Redia and Itan inherited his companies. However, Vjollca kept a low public profile until 2015, when she took over the administration of Top Channel JSC and filed a lawsuit against two of its shareholders, Albert Sino and Aurel Baci, who she accused of acquiring the stake in the company illegally. Hoxha won the case in June 28, 2017, and took control of 100% of the shares of Top Channel JSC, together with her children. In addition to Top Channel television and its 24 hour news channel Top News, the Hoxha family owns 51% of DigitAlb, Top Albania Radio, the online portal, SARAS publishing house, the music distribution company My Music and shares at the telecommunication company Plus. From 2014, Top Channel JSC is involved in a joint venture company called Hightel Tower Albania, together with its main competitor TV Klan and the businessman Samir Mane.

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Elert Yzeri – is the editor in chief at Top News television. He started his career in journalism as a sports reporter and has continued as a commentator of football matches and “Formula 1” racing at Top Channel TV.

Affiliated Interests other important people

Ben Blushi – is an Albanian politician, writer and journalist. He was the editor in chief of the daily newspaper “Koha Jone” during the 90s, but he embarked upon a political career in the cabinet of Socialist Prime Minister Fatos Nano in 2000. He firstly became Prefect of Korça and later served as Minister of Education and Local Governance. In 2005, Edi Rama took over the Socialist Party and Blushi was among his supporters. Later, he became one of the biggest opponents of Rama. Blushi left Socialist Party in 2016 and created LIBRA, a new movement of anti-establishment rhetoric. On its first electoral test in June 2017, LIBRA failed to elect any members into the Parliament. On 20 January 2018, Blushi left politics and returned in media. One week later he was appointed as General Director of Top Channel TV station.


Rruga “17 Nentori”, Nr. 20, Mezez Koder, Komuna Kashar, Tirana

Tel: +355 042253177

Facebook page:

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The ownership structure and financial statements of Digit-Alb are publicly available on the Albanian National Business Registry. However, it’s not possible to calculate the revenues or the operational profit for the outlet alone, as Top News is just one of the many stations/services provided by Digit-Alb and it is owned by Top Channel. For the purpose of evaluating weight of assets and revenues of this company in the media market, MOM have calculated the value of assets, revenues and profits of 8 TV companies/groups with free-to-air outlets. The companies included in the calculation are as follows: Top Channel, Klan, Media Vizion, Multiscreen, Focus Media News, ABC News, Ora News and Scan. This calculation does not include the pay-per-view distributors DigitAlb, Tring TV and the Public Broadcaster RTSH. Audience share for Top TV stations was provided by Abacus Research and Telemetrix for 2017, the data are conflicting that’s why both audience shares are presented.

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