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Top Albania Radio is one of the biggest radio stations in Albania and a part of the biggest media group in the country, Top Media. The station started broadcasting officially on February 14th 1998 in the frequency 100mgh/FM and in a short period of time became the market leader and an audience magnet. Top Albania Radio was the first media founded by Dritan Hoxha, who in this project partnered with the controversial businessman Vajdin Lamaj. In 2002, Top Albania Radio received a national broadcasting license and since then its signal covers 95% of the country’s territory. Betting on a staff young of age, Top Albania Radio became a jumping point for the career of many radio personalities, which later made a career in TV. Its most famous shows were Good Morning Albania, A Song for You and Disco Lancio, which are still transmitted today. Apart from music Top Albania Radio started in 2002 to broadcast news editions, up to 19 news briefs a day.

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Top Media


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Top Albania Radio is owned by Top Albania JSC. The shareholders of Top Albania JSC are Hoxha Family (80%) and Zhuljeta Lamaj (20%).

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Only the shareholders have voting rights.

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Dritan Hoxha, Vajdin Lamaj – Top Albania Radio started broadcasting in February 1998, marking the debut on the media market on two controversial businessmen, Dritan Hoxha and Vajdin Lamaj, Hoxha started his business career in mid 1990s as a coffee importer, while Lamaj – a former police chief and head of the boxing federation, built several services and transportation companies. The company that owns Top Albania Radio, was registered two years after the radio station started broadcasting and was not registered in the name of its founders. Data from the Albanian National Business Register, show that the company, Top Albania Sh.a, was registered on May 16, 2000 with shareholders: Zhuljeta Lamaj with 40% of shares, Zyhra Hamiti with 20% and Vjollca Hoxha with 40%. Vjollca Hoxha and Zyhra Hamiti are the wife and mother of Dritan Hoxha, while Zhuljeta Lamaj is the wife of Vajdin Lamaj.

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Erion Ylli – is the CEO of the company Top Albania Sha as of January 18th 2016, replacing long time director of Top Media group, Ekelejdi Joti. At the same time, Ylli holds the post of general deputy director of Top Channel TV. As of January 2015, Erion Ylli is also shareholder with 20% of shares in the oil extraction company ‘Recovered Earth Albania’.

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Ornela Pango – is a member of the supervisory council of Top Albania Incorporated.


Qendra Ndërkombëtare e Kultures, Blv „Deshmoret e Kombit“, Tirana

Tel: +35542247492


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