The daily newspaper Telegraf has been in publication since 2005. The newspaper publishes several supplements. The newspaper does not have a clear editorial line or affinity with any specific political group or ideology; however, in a recent opinion/comment its director praised the opposition led by ex-prime ministers and ex presidents Ilir Meta and Sali Berisha and supported their protest. The newspaper nevertheless maintains a positive attitude towards the historical left, publishing articles praising the communist leaders of the National Liberation War and giving space to left-wing organizations of war veterans.

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Hekla LLC


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The daily newspaper Telegraf is part of the company Hekla LLC, which is owned by Klaus Çiraku.

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Agim Çiraku

The daily newspaper Telegraf was founded as part of the construction company Hekla LLC on 28 November 2005. In the newspaper its publisher is first named as Agim Çiraku. However, according to the data of the Albanian National Business Register, Çiraku gave away the company in 2003 to Luan Veshaj. In 2013 Veshaj transferred 100% of the shares of the company to Klaus Çiraku, the son of Agim Çiraku and has owned the company since then. After 2013 there was no change in the ownership of the company in the National Business Center.
The newspaper is not registered as a separate entity from the construction company. Agim Çiraku does not own other businesses. Earlier he was 50% owner of the construction company Albit Diabra LLC, shares that were transferred to his nephew in 2015. The company has been undergoing bankruptcy proceedings since 2019. His son, Klaus Çiraku is 80% owner of the trade company Daroli LLC and also 100% owner of Hekla LLC.
Agim Çiraku was elected as a member of the Council of the Municipality of Durres on behalf of the ruling Socialist Party in 2015 and 2019. He supported the election of then Mayor of Durrës Vangjush Dako in 2015. Çiraku heads the Albanian Swimming Federation in a second mandate as president.

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Engjëll Musai

the director of the newspaper since its founding is Engjëll Musai. Musai also writes the newspaper’s editorials. He has been a print journalist for many years. Musai has only one business previously registered with Çiraku, which has long gone bankrupt and closed. Musai and the founder of the company Agim Çiraku are brothers-in-law.

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Engjëll Musai

also is the Editor in Chief of the Newspaper.


Rr. Abdyl Frasheri, P. Hekla Center, K. 2, Tirana

Tel: +355 682086170



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The data on the newspaper were gathered from the Albanian National Business Registry. The newspaper is not registered as a separate entity and it is impossible to calculate its revenue and profits. See sources for more.

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