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Standard is a daily newspaper and has been publishing since the end of 2005 and for many years has published a weekend edition. The newspaper was founded as a center-right media outlet, but later was closely committed to the positions of the Democratic Party. During the last two-years the newspaper has published a series of articles based on conspiracy theories against the Hungarian-American philanthropist George Soros.

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Standard L.T.D. LLC


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Sofokli Duni is the sole owner of the company

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Only the shareholder has the right to vote.

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Gerti Duni, Faik Dizdari, Etleva Kadilli – the daily newspaper Standard was founded in 2005 by Gerti Duni, Faik Dizdari and Etleva Kadillari, under the company Standard LLC. According to data from the National Business Center this company is currently under liquidation procedures, while since 2013 the newspaper is published by the company Standard LTD LLC, with sole owner Sofokli Duni. Sofokli Duni is the brother of Gerti Duni and a former CEO of Standard LLC. Sofokli Duni has been a former candidate for the National Council of the Democratic Party, while the newspaper has been perceived as supporting the Democratic Party. The Duni brothers have lived for part of their lives in Slovakia, where they are involved in the printing business. Both also have businesses in Albania.

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Sofokli Duni – is the CEO of the newspaper since 2006 and now is the sole owner of the company that publishes the newspaper Standard LTD LLC. He is a shareholder in the Himara Football Club. He previously owned a restaurant in Himara, which now appears as a suspended business in the register and 50% of the shares in the company Ionian Cost Property Development LLC. He has lived for some years in Slovakia, where together with his brother was involved in the printing business. Sofokli is perceived as being close to the Democratic Party and has ran for office in the past as a candidate for the national council.

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Gezim Saliu – is the editor in chief of the daily newspaper Standard.


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0.02 Mio. $ / 1.9 Mio. Lek

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0.00 Mio. $ / 0.1 Mio. Lek

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The information on the company and its financial statement were obtained from the Albanian National Business Center. The company that founded the newspaper is suspended in the register and the newspaper is published by a company that was established in 2013.For the purpose of evaluating weight of assets and revenues of this company in the print media market, MOM have calculated the value of assets, revenues and profits of 11 Print Media Companies. The companies/outlets included in the calculation are as follows: Panorama, Gazeta Shqiptare, Koha Jone, Mapo, Shekulli, Tema, Dita,, Standard, Sot News and Monitor.

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