Albanian Television (TVSH) initiated television broadcasting as an experiment in 1960, with the first news edition airing in 1963. It serves as the primary component of RTSH (Albanian Radio Television).

TVSH's funding is derived from a specific tax paid by every household in the country, alongside the electricity bill. According to the institution's 2022 financial analysis, it constituted 57.5 percent of RTSH's finances, with 25.5 percent coming from the state budget. The remainder primarily originates from the television's transmission antenna rentals, third-party broadcasts, and advertising revenue, which accounts for 9 percent.

Despite receiving public funding and having a considerable workforce, TVSH possesses a limited audience and minimal influence when compared to private television stations.

TVSH, which used to be the sole Albanian-language broadcaster until 1996, gradually lost its impact following the rise of private broadcasts in the 2000s. Although it once covered the entire territory, its significance diminished due to a general perception of political bias and questionable production quality.

Additionally, the loss of broadcasting rights for national football matches and competition in other sports events further decreased the importance of public television.

During the communist dictatorship until the early 1990s, RTSH served as a propaganda tool for the regime and remained largely unchanged after the transition to pluralism. It has generally been controlled by the governing majority in power. In the protests that followed the collapse of pyramid schemes in 1996-1997, RTSH was targeted by protesters who suspected it of broadcasting unbalanced programs alongside their slogans against the government. These accusations persisted even after the socialists took control of the country. The appointment of General Directors has often been viewed as politically motivated.

Reports from the State Supreme Audit Institution raised concerns about mismanagement of RTSH's finances. However, it was not until 2021 that former director Thoma Gellçi and several employees were arrested on charges of duty abuse by the Special Structure Against Corruption, SPAK. Gellçi and the employees were found guilty, with the former director receiving a 16-months prison sentence for abuse of duty.

Recently, members of the Council of RTSH have voiced doubts regarding the programming quality, the effectiveness of a large workforce of over 960 employees, and instances of abuse. Chairman Leka Bungo and members such as Mevlan Shanaj openly criticized the programs, mainly highlighting the lack of artistic content and the decline in audience engagement. During the annual report to the Parliamentary Committee on Education and Public Information, director Mevlan Shanaj stated that RTSH had abandoned the public, with nobody, including the committee members, watching it.

The content of RTSH is governed by legislation and supervised by the Supervisory Council of RTSH (KDRTSH), a collective body elected by the parliament. The public broadcaster operates according to a statute and regulations that provide guidelines for its content. Additionally, there are several content monitoring boards in place, intended to represent the interests of Albanian society.

However, public criticisms primarily revolve around financial management and artistic quality. Council members of RTSH assert that the television station remains politically impartial, despite accusations from the opposition regarding its stance.

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The Albanian Radio Television (RTSH)


Ownership Structure

The Albanian Radio Television (RTSH) is a nonprofit institution, registered as legal public entity under the control of Albanian Parliament.

Voting Rights

The legislation stipulates that the parliament has the authority to exercise control over the institution by appointing members to the Supervisory Council of RTSH, with the majority holding 6 seats and the opposition holding 5 seats. However, due to political deadlock, the Supervisory Council has not been fully staffed for the past 4 years. Despite the expectation that the selection process should be non-political, past elections for the new director of RTSH revealed a division along party lines within the Supervisory Council. The failure to appoint a new director for nearly three years, as required by the law with a qualified majority of Supervisory Council members, prompted the majority to amend the "Audiovisual Media Law" in 2016, allowing for the appointment of a contested new director. Unlike before, the final vote to appoint Alfred Peza as the new director was unanimous, with all 8 members of the Supervisory Council present at the meeting voting in favor. However, the current composition of the Supervisory Council, which consists of 9 members out of 11, was elected during the years 2019, 2020, and 2021, when the current opposition boycotted the parliament. They now claim that they are not represented within the institution.

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Albanian Government

RTSH was founded by the Albanian government, and after the collapse of the communist regime it became a public institution

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Alfred Peza

was elected as the General Director of the Albanian Radio Television (RTSH) on June 13th 2023, with a unanimous vote from the members of the RTSH Supervisory Council (Board). He is a former Member of Parliament and former Secretary of Media Relations for the ruling Socialist Party. Peza also has a long career as a journalist and media executive.
After completing his studies at the military officers' school, Peza pursued a secondary education in Language and Literature at the University of Elbasan. He began his career as a journalist in the mid-90s at the newspaper "Populli Po" and later joined the newspaper "Koha Jonë," where he served as the editor-in-chief in 1998. Peza was also the first editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Shekulli" from 1999 to 2000 and later became the news director at "Klan" television. From 2001, he led the newspaper "Korrieri" and served as the General Director of "Ora News" TV for three years starting from 2007. From 2011 to 2013, he was the Director of Information at "Vizion+" TV.
In 2013, Peza entered politics and became a candidate for and was elected as a Member of Parliament for the Socialist Party in the Peqin area. After completing his mandate, he did not run for re-election, but until September 2021, he held the position of Secretary of Media Relations for the Socialist Party.
Peza's appointment as the RTSH General Director was met with accusations from the opposition. Member of Parliament Ina Zhupa, who is also a member of the Parliamentary Commission for Education and Public Information, referred to a session with the head of the RTSH Board of Directors, Lenga Bungo, and member Mevlan Shanaj, questioning the legality of Peza's appointment. According to the law, any party member, former Member of Parliament, or person involved in politics is prohibited from being elected as the head of RTSH.
After Peza's appointment, Zhupa publicly denounced on her Facebook page that Peza's candidacy did not comply with the law. The head of the RTSH Supervisory Council claims that Peza met the legal criteria.
One of Zhupa's accusations of violating the law was Peza's connection to the news portal Alpenews. The portal started operating in 2017 and was registered as a business in the name of Alfred Peza in October 2018. Although the business was subsequently deregistered on an unclear date. However, the portal continues to be active, and in the contact section, it displays the same address and the same NIPT number with which it was registered by Peza.
Peza's writings, mainly Op-Ed pieces supporting the majority and criticizing the opposition and its representatives, were published there until January 2023 under the section reserved exclusively for Peza, often authored by a user with the pseudonym "redaktor 1."
The selection of Peza was met with concern by media freedom organizations, who demanded guarantees from him regarding editorial freedom at RTSH.
Before assuming the position at RTSH, Peza was the Director of Media at "Panorama" until December 2022. Unlike the pro-government opinions in Alpenews, in this position, Peza accused Prime Minister Edi Rama and his fellow socialist Members of Parliament of demolishing the "Prestige" resort, owned by Irfan Hysenbelliu, who was also the owner of "Panorama."
During his tenure as a Member of Parliament, Peza was accused by the General Prosecutor's Office of "Concealment of Income," "Money Laundering of Proceeds from Criminal Activities," "Refusal to Declare," non-declaration, concealment, or false declaration of assets." The accusations arose after Peza's spouse purchased 1 percent of the shares of "Credins" bank for 113 million lekë.
Initially, the case was sent to the Supreme Court but was transferred to the Tirana District Court due to jurisdiction. The Tirana District Court declared Peza innocent since the prosecution withdrew most of the charges and referred the case for trial only on the charge of "failure to declare assets." The Supreme Court and the Serious Crimes Court also rejected the prosecution's requests for asset seizure.
Regarding this matter, Peza was also accused of using the Alpenews portal to attack the former prosecutor of the case against him, Rovena Gashi. Parts of this clash ended up at the European Court of Human Rights in the case filed by Gashi and her spouse, former prosecutor Dritan Gina, against Albania regarding their suspension by the General Prosecutor. However, Gashi's claims that the articles had violated her privacy were dismissed by the court.

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

The position remains vacant according to the response RTSH provided to the Ministry of Media.

Affiliated Interests other important people

Leka Bungo

A film director, actor, and screenwriter, was elected in March 2021, as the head of the Supervisory Council of the Albanian Radio Television (KDRTSH). Unlike his predecessors on the Board, Bungo was highly active and vocal, accusing the ex-General Directors of RTSH of misconduct.
Under Bungo's leadership, KDRTSH made the decision to dismiss the former General Director, Thoma Gëllçi, whose mandate had already expired in May 2021. Bungo publicly criticized the management of RTSH until that point during various occasions, including his speech to the Parliamentary Commission for Media and Education on November 5, 2021.
In an interview with RTSH in August 2021, Bungo accused both current and former RTSH executives of various abuses. He referred to a report from the Supreme State Audit, which according to him revealed that 80 percent of RTSH executives had been warned of potential dismissals. Bungo also mentioned the opening of new channels within RTSH, which, in his view, increased costs while compromising the quality of productions. Indeed, following the findings of the Supreme State Audit mentioned by Bungo, Thoma Gëllçi, the former director, was arrested and subsequently sentenced to two years in prison for abuse of duty.
Even after Enkelejd Joti's appointment as the new General Director in early 2022, Bungo remained active in the affairs of RTSH. He wrote public letters accusing Joti of making abusive appointments and reminding him of his promise to resign if the issues were not addressed. Shortly after these public statements, Joti indeed resigned.
However, Bungo himself faced allegations of persecuting RTSH employees who were associated with the arrested former director, Thoma Gëllçi. Additionally, there were public accusations against Bungo concerning tender processes and appointments at RTSH.


Rruga Ismail Qemali № 11, Tirana

Tel: +355(4) 2223911

Website: www.rtsh.al

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The ownership structure and financial statements are publicly available at the Albanian National Business Registry. The secured financial data pertains to the year 2022. To convert the amounts into dollars, the average exchange rate of the Central Bank for the year 2022 was used. The data for RTSH were partially obtained from the institution's own publications. RTSH responded to the information request made by the MOM team on August 14, 2023. For more information, refer to the sources. Audience share for Top TV stations was provided by Idra Media, for the period of 8 May 2022 to 8 May 2023.

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